Monday, June 3, 2013


Welcome to my blog!  I have been saying that I was going to start a blog for almost six months and, FINALLY, here I am.

My name is Jennifer Gleich and I am addicted to fabric.  My husband says I am a hoarder, but I disagree.  I love everything about fabric!  I have been sewing since around the age of 5 and started quilting roughly 14 years ago.  My sewing machine is truely my therapist.

I am a member of the Seams Sew Right quilt group.  This is a group of ladies who are as addicted to fabric as I am; well maybe...

I live in Oregon City with my husband, Michael; five cats Mickey, Pepper, Pickles, Johnny and Poke; and our black lab, Cyrus.


  1. Yay, I'm your first comment! :D Congrats on your new blog! I look forward to your posts! I can barely sew on a button, so I'm hoping you'll inspire me.

  2. Hey - sewing on a button could be your first tutorial!