Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day Quilt Retreat

Memorial Day weekend was the setting for the semi-annual Seams Sew Right Quilters retreat in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  Thursday through Monday were filled with food, fun, laughter and lots of sewing and quilting.

Marlene kept the 14 of us well fed and prepared awesome dinners: stuffed cabbage Thursday night, a full turkey dinner Friday night and then everyone's favorite, tacos on Sunday night!  Saturday night was dinner out.

Saturday afternoon we hosted My Lazy Daisy to check out their product offerings.

We enjoyed having Jennifer Reinhart share this fabulous new company with us.

Anytime we quilters can pet and buy fabric is a great time!

Our next retreat will be in October and we are already planning our activities, menu and projects!


  1. Thankfully, I am not in that photo as that would violate the no digital footprint clause in our friend contract.

    Where are the Feline pictures?

  2. So sorry I missed it, looks like you guys had fun! I see the charity quilt in one of the pics - can we see a pic when it's done?